Ysoft SafeQ


Printing costs amount to 3 to 5% of the turnover of a standard company and cannot be traced unless an intelligent printing solution has been installed. The YSoft SafeQ printing solution will allow the client to monitor and account individual operations in the print environment. The client will enjoy absolute control over who is printing what, when and how much. When YSoft SafeQ has been installed, also employees’ habits will change: employees will start thinking about their printing and significantly reduce volumes.

Responsible employee behavior

As operations are monitored and print rules defined, employees are motivated to think about what jobs they really need to print and what jobs they do not. Papers scattered along the corridors, which nobody picked up at the printers, will belong to the past and the print volume will drop dramatically.

Defining print rules

Different print rules can now be defined within the company for particular users or user groups. Jobs sent to print by regular users are automatically sent by YSoft SafeQ to more economical printers and also their format is changed to black-and-white and duplex. The savings achieved thanks to these restrictions are immediate and easy to enumerate.

Accurate information on user print volumes

YSoft SafeQ generates precise data about print volumes and print times for all users. This information may be used for enumerating the printing costs for the different departments or simply for control of the print environment. The reports are available in different formats and can be focused on preferred areas.

Fast return on investment

Businesses have experienced immediate cost savings thanks to reduced print volumes after they have installed YSoft SafeQ. Employee awareness rose and many unnecessary jobs were not sent to print at all. Savings were achieved also thanks to the rules intended for reducing color and duplex print.


Even the rapid development of modern information transfer technologies and data storage centres cannot hold back ever-growing consumption of paper. Electronic archives, the post and/or the internet cannot compete with printed documents being churned out in every company. Environmental protection and preservation of natural resources is becoming a priority and one of the strategic values for a growing number of successful companies.

Uncontrolled paper consumption

Any company with an uncontrolled print environment and management consumes disproportionately large amounts of paper for unnecessary printing by employees. Responsible employee behavior together with the introduction of the YSoft SafeQ printing solution will clearly save up to 30% of printing, copying and scanning costs. Besides corporate resources, the company will also protect the environment by reducing paper consumption and saving trees that would otherwise have to be cut down.

Go green, stop unnecessary printing

Statistics show that one ton of paper covers the needs of 10 to 15 employees, while 17 trees must be cut on average to produce one ton of paper. Forests should remain a vital component of the life cycle and help to clean the air. They are disappearing, however, at a rapid pace. Y Soft offers all conscientious businesses a tool to reduce unnecessary printing and ensure sustainable development.

Measure and present your green corporate attitude

With YSoft SafeQ 4 any business can now measure and provide exact figures on how many trees and how much water and CO2 emissions have been saved thanks to responsible conduct. The Green reports feature presents ecological indicators showing how many jobs sent to print have been deleted and how many re-directed to black-and-white or duplex printing.


The user sends print jobs to the YSoft SafeQ server where they are ready for immediate pick-up on any printer connected to the network. The user can enjoy the great comfort of picking up documents on the most convenient printer. On the multi-functional device the jobs can be administered, deleted or added to Favorites.

Document security

The multi-functional device will not print a job until its owner has authenticated at the printer. Employee ID cards, PIN codes or a user name and password can be used for authentication. YSoft SafeQ can also be integrated into legacy systems by using card readers, e.g. for recording arrival and departure times of employees and/or for accessing corporate premises.

Easy scanning with a single push of a button

The user swipes an ID card on the multi-functional device and is immediately recognized by the system which automatically sends the scanned documents to the user’s e-mail inbox or home folder. This not only speeds up the process, but secures the scanning operations.

Share documents with your team

YSoft SafeQ allows users to share documents with their colleagues thanks to specially modified queues. Documents sent by the project team or colleagues from the same department can subsequently be picked up by selected users.

Accurate monitoring of all operations on printers

YSoft SafeQ offers clients accurate reporting for all operations done on the printers. Reports can have different formats and be customized by the client. They can be used for re-invoicing costs to third parties e.g. in design studios or law firms. For large corporations with hundreds of subsidiaries YSoft SafeQ offers the possibility of central reporting where printing, copying and scanning related information from all workstations is stored in a central place.

Handling failures in the print environment

Large corporations dependent on seamless operation of the print environment can define a back-up system thanks to YSoft SafeQ. A limited number of servers can be interconnected in order to ensure full server failover functionality: if one server fails, another server will automatically take over its role, so the environment will not be down for any single moment. Regular users will not notice any such failure and can continue their work with the printers.


There is enormous pressure in each company to ensure protection of sensitive data. Printing, copying and scanning are therefore under scrutiny and protection of essential corporate data against leaking is the number one priority for each company.

Sensitive information in safety

With the YSoft SafeQ solution all documents are safe, because only their owners can print, scan and copy confidential documents. Thanks to YSoft SafeQ, no jobs sent to print will ever be printed automatically unless the user has authenticated on the printer. Users can identify themselves on the printer with their employee cards, by entering a PIN code or their name and a password. On top of that, this “Follow-me” functionality allows users to pick up their job on any random printer.

Easy integration into legacy systems

The YSoft SafeQ printing solution can be safely integrated into existing applications used e.g. for controlling access to the building. The product supports the majority of card readers, so no further investment in existing IT operation is needed. For education institutions YSoft SafeQ can also be connected with credit systems, so that users can be charged for printing, copying and scanning jobs.

Reporting of all operations on printers

YSoft Safe monitors all operations done on multi-functional devices and stores basic information on them. There is no difficulty in tracing who, when and how many pages were printed on any of the printers. Reports can be received in different formats and customized.

Setting different user rights

The new Rule Based Printing functionality allows the administrator to set roles for employees or departments based on their printing needs. Normal users can order duplex and black-and-white print, while the marketing department will be allowed to print in color. YSoft SafeQ will follow predefined rules to automatically adjust the parameters of the job sent to print. Restrictions can apply to job sizes or print times as well. Large jobs can be forwarded by YSoft SafeQ to more economical devices.


Easy installation

Requirements apply only to the operating system, but no further programs and applications are needed for initial settings of YSoft SafeQ. You can integrate the YSoft SafeQ print environment with existing applications such as payment or clearing systems and/or scanning applications. Integration with Active Directory, Novell e-Directory or GroupWise systems is a matter of factcourse.

Smooth integration with third party systems

The solution has been integrated with a variety of university credit systems, with law firm systems via data export (e.g. PCLaw), LAN fax servers (e.g. RightFax, FerrariFax, FaxChange, Streem) or scan management solutions (e.g. NSi Autostore, Nuance ScanFlowStore, DigiDocFlow, eCopy, Document Navigator and others) plus production printing systems such as EFI or FreeFlow.

Administration and user interface

YSoft SafeQ is provided with a user-friendly interface where not only the administrator but also regular users can control and manage the print environment. Thanks to the Private Cloud functionality, the administrator can now supervise all locations from a central point. Any system changes to the print environment in the central office will be automatically applied to all subsidiaries as well.

Support of legacy ID card systems

The YSoft SafeQ printing solution can be integrated with existing user authentication systems that the user may have deployed, so you will not incur any extra costs when implementing YSoft SafeQ.